What Will I Learn & How Will It Help?

After the pain and fury of removing yourself from a toxic relationship, you may be exhausted and at a bit of a loss. This video will help you find and explore these 10 Life-Affirming Shifts in your thinking that will set you on a healthier path.

It's good to have a map, a guide, with some clear directions as you set out. These 10 Shifts can make ALL the difference in protecting yourself, keeping yourself safe.

You'll learn:

  • Why you need to recalibrate your life
  • Ten essential shifts to focus on first
  • How making these shifts help you see red flags early
  • Why these shifts help you protect yourself from toxic people in your life... or people coming into it

I invite you to take notes and capture the 10 shifts in your own words. Keep them by your bed and read them morning and evening to remind yourself--and your subconscious mind--of your new directions.

If you're in need of a community of support, consider joining Emerging Empowered, my online place to connect with others who are experiencing similar things, and find support and validation.

Rhoberta Shaler, PhD
Host of Save Your Sanity Podcast: Help for Toxic Relationships