If staying or going is constantly a question in your mind, there are big things to consider AND they each have implications.
It can be crazy-making.

Making a decision about leaving a relationship is complicated.

This small real-time group with Dr. Shaler will help you work through your reasons for staying, the pull to leave, the need to save your sanity.

  • Understand your options
  • Think through the consequences.
  • Decide what's healthiest for you (and your children).
  • Recognize emotionally abusive patterns
  • Know that you're important
  • Get support, with others who know what you're going through
  • Get specific answers to your personal questions in this small group.

If you've been living in a state of flux, feeling unsure, anxious or unsafe, but also obligated, guilty or "staying for the kids", you'll benefit from systematically working through your decision with Dr. Shaler's guidance.

Invest in this time with personal support and deep diving so you can feel confident you're making the best decision.

black & white photo of woman looking confused, with backdrop of swirling arrows

A big decision like this needs attention and intention, and deep understanding of where you really are and where it's healthiest to be.

Making snap decisions isn't always wise

Maybe, things are just hard right now because of outside factors. Or... maybe they have been hard for a really long time and you're tired of the drama but don't know what to do.

If you're somewhere in the middle, and just know that something NEEDS to change, this program will help you figure out WHAT and WHEN and HOW to take the best next steps for you.

Your group will stick together

Our Empowerment Groups are about getting the right tools and strategies to make good decisions for your own safety and sanity and getting the support of a group who knows what you're going through.

  • Max 8 participants per group - a great reason for registering early!

  • Three bi-weekly 90-minute group sessions, live on Zoom with Dr. Shaler

  • Work independently through the Reflection workbook

  • Get the insights and support you need, in the cohort-only discussion group, available 24/7

  • Connect with other group members and work through online content together

Next group starts:

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About Dr. Shaler

I help the partners, exes, and adult children of the relentlessly difficult, toxic people I call Hijackals® to save their sanity and stop the crazy-making. I created the term so we'd have a way to talk about the patterns, traits, and cycles of relentlessly difficult people without psychological labels. I define Hijackals as “people who hijack relationships--for their own purposes--while relentlessly scavenging them for power, status, and control.”


Because I've been there, too. I had a Hijackal mother and a passive-aggressive father. As happens for most people who start that way, I became a Hijackal magnet. Oh, the pain, disappointment and... learning!!! Love-bombed by men who turned out to be looking for control, bosses who thought they could manipulate and manage in damaging ways, and even friends willing to take advantage, I have experienced them all. Not good.

Through all that learning, I found a path that allowed me to reclaim my power from people like that; to see them from a distance before becoming engaged with them. It was a long road, and a lot of people... but what I learned, and the strategies I developed for myself, have kept me sane, safe and sure it won't happen again!

The upside of coming from Hijackals was that I was driven to get away and to understand. Trained as a psychologist and mediator, I turned my attention to figuring out why there had been no help when I needed it, and what that help could have looked like to be effective. Understanding the sneaky nature of emotional abuse led me to a Ph.D. and ongoing work and research into the ways that emotional trauma impacts both the Hijackal and their prey.

I made it my mission to help people recognize the signs of emotional abuse, realize the impact on their lives, and have the paths to recovery. I share that with clients and members worldwide.

Through my Emerging Empowered consultations, courses, and community I've created a safe place for you to be understood; to recognize what's happened and happening in your relationship(s); and to gain the insights, skills, strategies, and support to move forward in healthier ways, reclaiming your personal power.

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

Relationship Crisis Consultant

If you need this support and the cost is too much for a one-time payment, please reach out to assist@emergingempowered.com to discuss how we can make it accessible for you.