Create a better agreement, reduce stress & conflict, achieve your family goals.

Divorce sucks. If you've got kids, you need this information.

Custody & Visitation - Negotiating with a high-conflict Ex (ecourse)

Be ready. The road can be bumpy.

If you're heading to court with a Hijackal...

You already know how difficult the Hijackal is, and can be.

Going to court can be daunting to say the least.

First, you have to know how to choose an attorney who has previously been successful negotiating fair agreements through the process. No, that doesn't mean it will always be fair even then. But, if you know how to interview an attorney you'll increase your odds.

Andrea Schneider, Esq., and Dr. Rhoberta Shaler go deeply into the topics that you're concerned about when divorcing, renegotiating, or going ex parté because of a Hijackal's outrageous behavior.

This course offers 5+ hours of solid, practical information to have in your "back pocket" when working towards optimal agreements and upholding boundaries.

When you're creating and revisiting custody agreements with high-conflict exes, it's critical that you know your rights. Know what's possible. Know how to ask for what's in your children's best interests.

When you are armed with the insider knowledge in this course, you can change daunting to determined.

  • Be well-prepared before speaking with an attorney.
  • Know what to say to express your situation and get YOUR needs met.
  • Increase your confidence in returning to court when things go sideways.